In her book Awakening the Spine, Vanda writes about developing her own way, in order to share the beauty of her approach with her students. She refined the teachings she received from Iyengar, Desikachar and the philosopher Krishnamurti. In order to find it in and for oneself, to focus with light attention on what you experience as you practise. Sensory feedback rather than positioning the body. Yoga as a philosophy. In the dvd "Vanda Scaravelli on Yoga with Esther Myers", you have a sense of her being in the moment, trusting her experience, going with her body, bringing freedom to it, playing, experimenting, being creative. All the while referring to nature, wings, birds, love, breath, gravity and the spine. Being curious about what the practise can reveal , where it might take you if you are receptive and open to the unknown, the new, to your own process. Paying attention to the body the breath and the ground, through feeling and sensing. Noticing the place between the 4th/5th vertebrae, at the back of the waist, from where the spine is lightly drawn up by the space above, and down by gravity. And much more.