Falling further and further into deep relaxation

In my exploration of this approach, I discover that it takes infinite  time to let go of conditioning and habit, and to begin again. To work without holding. To give weight to the ground. To breathe out, sensing the invitation to let go. To be simple. To receive from the ground and to grow and expand. To discover the lightness of being. To be open to the new. To trust that the body and breath will adapt and respond in time with their own time. To be nourished, to smile, to enjoy the freedom to express the self through the body, in subtle and delicate ways. To play with the yoga postures, working slowly and carefully, to release tension and create space inside. To feel movement as an exploration,  rather than something to be done. To feel the healing that comes from involuntary movements, pulsations, waves. To invite the unknown. To discover what our bodies can teach us. To unfold on all levels. To feel the deep connection between the breath and the spine, as they continually move each other. To connect with the psychology of yoga, how we are and might be, as our deeper nature is revealed. To find support from the ground, the breath and the spine, in order to fall further and further into deep relaxation.