About Melanie

Melanie has been teaching yoga since 2000 (British Wheel of Yoga). Her main influence has been the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, and those whom she taught, with a constant encouragement towards your own inner exploration, within the framework of an experiential yoga practise.

Working with the principles described by Vanda Scaravelli, which are the connections between the breath, spine , the earth and space. Melanie nurtures the felt sense. The discovery of what our bodies can teach us. With the wish to naturally unfold on all levels, to discover how we are, and might be, as we gradually meet and release tension, create space, and listen to the body's intuitive wisdom.

Challenging popular views of yoga, Melanie continues to engage with a more exploratory, creative way of moving and being, and explores the Discipline of Authentic Movement.

“Melanie is a gifted and inspired yoga teacher. Since our first meeting in 2003, she has continued a passionate and deep exploration into the body mind. Melanie’s understanding and depth moves in an ever deepening and expansive direction.” John Stirk

View Melanie's latest video series on the Resources page (audio CD also available).